The Thiefing Lamp vs The Bear (Animation)

What happens when an animated lamp tries to steal a chocolate bar from an inanimate bear @Michael_Bridges @Marc_Carlyon
Find out in my new short animation.


Amazing work Stephen, You’ve done really well with this.
I have to admit i was uncertain about the bear with rigging but i think what you have done with it is great :smiley:

Thanks Marc :slight_smile:
I did have some problems, such as stretched faces when I moved the bear’s leg, but I didn’t want to try and fix it and make things worse, I spent an hour fixing vertices and making his shoulders look smoother when his arms move, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

I bet it took a while to render

I was using 2 different PCs off and on to render it
The Radeon R9 390 took on average 4 minutes to render a frame
The Vega 64 took about 1 minute 40
The Ryzen 1700 took about 2 minutes 40
There are 2335 frames in the animation :smiley:

When there is fur in the scene, it takes ages to set the scene up for each frame, so frames with the bear and hat in take about 40 seconds to just setup, although the actual render after that is as fast as if they aren’t in the scene.

Even if you can’t see them in the frame, it still takes ages for Bblender to set it up before it actually renders, so for all frames where you dont see the bear or the hat, I had to turn their render off in the timeline.

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Creepy bear hahaha

Thanks. He’s like the Weeping Angels from Dr Who :slight_smile:

DUDE! I loved it! The twist at the end was great too! Fantastic Job!


haha thanks, I’m glad you liked it :smiley:

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