The Tetris Movie(s) - The news that can't be real


We like videogames, hell, I love videogames. We know videogame movie adaptations are fairly popular, even though the movies themselves are usually somewhat mediocre. DOOM and Prince of Persia spring to mind.

At least normally, the movie is something that has an epic story and buckets of Lore, like Warcraft, or Assassin’s Creed. Normally those movies have a sequel hook or teaser, but rarely do videogame movies actually get a sequel or an epic franchise born from the film. But uh, this new one I thought, I’m still hoping this is a faked OnionNewsNetwork prank.

I actually thought warcraft was pretty good

Tetris though. But… But Tetris… But it’s Tetris. It’s Tetris! IT’S TETRIS THO’!! IT’S THREE TETRIS MOVIES WHY



Hey @McFuzz, I heard about this a few weeks back also, I cannot even begin to think what a story line could be… unless the characters are the falling shapes…

£20 on tickets… £20 on pop corn and a drink… slide… slide… rotate… rotate… drop… The End

or someone is shrunk and is in a level trying to dodge them… erm… scraping… bottom… of… barrel…

£20 on tickets… £20 on pop corn and a drink… run… dodge left… run… dodge right… squish… The End

They could have chosen Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Defender - at least something that had characters or perhaps a vehicle that could have had characters as crew… Donkey Kong could have had a wild story about a very misunderstood Donkey… erm… Gorilla… but Tetris…



There are some pretty gold comments on things like this article and other forums.
Such as:
“If they flipped it on its side it would fit into one movie”
“They have a problem filming where the actors do their lines, but then the footage disappears”

So, three movies. They’re officially saying that the Tetris story will be as epic as The Lord of The Rings or Star Wars.

RIP Videogame movie adaptations.

edit; that Donkey Kong story you just described is almost literally Wreck It Ralph; which is not even a videogame, but still a better videogame adaptation than Tetris. Wreck it Ralph is getting a sequel. Not a trilogy, though, trilogies are reserved for epic franchises… like Tetris!


lol… I guess all we can do is wait and see! Perhaps in 2017 we may be graced with a Directors Edition of Pong…

I really enjoyed Wreck It Ralph :slight_smile:


Wow, amazing. This is what some people’s imaginations come up with.

I’m sure we’re all just laughing about it now, but then when we actually see it, we’ll go, “Wow, they came up with that out of Tetris?” :wink:


…or… “woah, I paid like £10 to get in to see that…” :wink: