The Squire Errand - My Tilevania Project

Many thanks to GameDevTV for an outstanding section of the course along with all the supportive assistance and problem solver. And I just wanna ask this one thing, I have tried out other’s project and I have noticed that their game published on Itch is really smooth, and feels just like playing in the editor, while my game uploaded on Itch feels so slow and stuttering all the time, I have tried overrides textures and audio to optimize for webGL and reduce their max size using crunch compression… Not helping at all…
Here is my game so u can try it out, any recommendations to optimize this game?


I’ve just played your game, and it runs smoothly in my browser. It was a bit slow but not laggy. I think the perception of slowness stems from the cinemachine effects which react to the player game object with a little delay. Personally, I’m not a fan of this and disable all camera effects in games I play (if possible), so I’m not used to this, and my personal preference might not be shared by the majority of your players.

I did not experience any stuttering. If you experienced it, maybe there is a problem with the cinemachine. As you probably know, Unity executes its own methods of the same name (e.g. Update, Awake, Start, and so on) in a random order. This is a potential source of problems because it might be that everything works perfectly in one moment, and in the next one, everything is ‘wrong’.

Do you remember the stuttering in the Snowboarder game? Maybe it is the same here. Try to set the UpdateMethod of the CinemachineBrain component to ‘Late Update’. You may also want to test ‘Fixed Update’.

Regarding other people’s games: From what I saw in yours, you implemented lots of features. This means that your game is way more complex than the majority of TileVania versions out there. If you suspect that there might be a performance issue, use Unity’s built-in Profiler. It’s not part of this course but with a bit of research, you will be able to learn the most important features yourself. If you see a spike in the Profiler, you could read the methods list in the Profiler. Maybe you will be able to detect a pattern. And if you detected one, you will very likely be able to develop a solution.

I hope this helped a bit. :slight_smile:

I wish it could be as smooth as the editor, but well I tried to switch all the transition effects from ease in ease out to cut, no camera damping, apply late update and fixed update on it all and the game still feels slow :frowning: … well it’s playable, but not acceptable for 2D game u know, it’s 2023 and a 2D game still so slow like 30 35fps :sob: will I have to sleep tonight knowing that my 2D game only makes it around 30fps :sob: it’s there a way to like um improving it somehow or this is the end of webGL optimization? now that I replay my other games uploaded previously, they all feel just the same, clunky and slow and not giving me any gaming-sensation :pleading_face:

You could ask other people on our Discord chat server to test your game and give you feedback on the performance. Since I did not experience any lagginess, there is a chance that the problem is on your side only.

now that I replay my other games uploaded previously, they all feel just the same, clunky and slow and not giving me any gaming-sensation :pleading_face:

Maybe the problem is not part of your game. If you have another device, you could test your game there too. Also try to clear your browser cache. If you have many extensions installed, try to disable them.

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Appreciate it, and definitely would, thank u for your assist

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