The "Slow Physics" Problem

Hi. I’am currently working on my first commercial project, I have finished a few learning ones and I’ve always stumbled upon a problem that I don’t know how to really solve and that is
“slow” physics. What I mean by this is that the objects/projectiles I have worked with are kind of slow and don’t really make much of a curve when flying through air. It is as if the “air”
is very dense and gravity low.

That said, I have tried playing round with gravity,mass, drag, scaling of the objects,time, different ways to move objects and I didn’t come up with any satisfying results and if I was to make a game like
“Scorched Earth” (better example might be Tank Stars, mobile game) or something similar, I wouldn’t really know how to achieve similar physics.

Any advice on what I might be missing here? Thank you!

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