The Robotic Lamp With Materials

Hi Guys,
I decided left the original lamp that i was making along with the Robotic lamp, to focus only in the last one and perhaps later on I will finish the original course lamp.
Now that I apllied the materials here, there is a render of the Robotic Lamp with the materials, there is a thing that bothers me and is the weird lighting of the backdrop, does enyone have an idea of what could possibly causing that?.



Explain what you mean by weird lighting?

well look at the background the drastic change of color

Oh, ok. In that case: that’s most likely related to the lamp and gloss shader, as well as the camera’s position.

Yes, I realized that making the animation.
But for me those reflexes doesn’t seems too much realistic.

Eh, it is up to the skill of the person to make things look realistic :wink:

I haven’t reached that level yet. Most likely you didn’t, yet, either.

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