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So, got this working, sorry I can’t post a vid, haven’t got a screen capture thingy installed at the moment - my Pc is struggling enough under weight of trying to run Unity alone!

So, I really did want to sort out the audio things myself as per Ben’s challenge. I kind of knew what I thought I had to do, but I had a quick look at the reference to the Unity manual just to back up what I thought I had to do. More or less, the example given does include all the stuff Ben did, which is roughly what I thought, but I was slightly thrown out by all the other stuff that’s there, such as the references to creating cryptic Boolean variables at the beginning. I do find I have this problem with programming language manuals in general when it comes to looking at the examples - rather than start with the absolute most basic use of something, there will be a load of other stuff seemingly thrown in there completely out of any context. Ben’s example follows a simple logic, and simply builds upon what he’s taught. The Unity manual seems to assume far greater understanding of a bigger picture.

I know from experience that manuals get easier the more familiar you become with the language - you kind of develop the knack of being able to sift through the code and extract the bits you need much more easily because you sort learn how to ignore the stuff you don’t need, but when you’re starting out it’s a nightmare. I’ve not yet reached the point that I can refer to the relevant manual section, look at the example and not have a ‘WTF?’ moment!

Still, my rocket flies and makes a rockety noise! That’ll do me for now!



Hi Jim,

I would agree that often online documentation can be a lot like that. With the Unity documentation it’s quite varied, sometimes you get a very good simple example, which is perfect, other times it may be a little more cryptic and then, you’ll get those moments where there isn’t an example, and you only get a one-liner with regards to a description of what its supposed to do.

Being forced to try and work things out yourself can be beneficial, as I think it’s often far more rewarding to an individual to have that moment of success themselves, that epiphany moment etc. That said, any time in between, if there is something in the Unity documentation you’re not sure about, pop a post up and perhaps link to the documentation in your explanation of what you’re trying to achieve and the problem/difficulty you are facing, chances are someone will be happy to help you out, even if its just with a slightly different explanation of the same thing.

Still, my rocket flies and makes a rockety noise! That’ll do me for now!

Sounds like success to me! Even NASA had to start somewhere, right? :slight_smile:

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Cheers Rob. I’ll give it a few more challenges, and then start to implement my best approximation of whats required - and if it fails I’ll stick the offending code on here for a bit of constructive analysis :slight_smile:

Onwards, and quite literally upwards!

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You’re welcome and that sounds like a good plan. :slight_smile:

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