The red areas be invisible in game engine why?

How can i solve that?
When i import the cylinders to my game engine, The red areas in the cylinders are disappeared why? what are the steps should i do to solve that !

It seems you have the normals inverted in those surfaces. Go to edit mode:

If the normals are going inside the object, select the face and Mesh->Normals->Flip.

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I did that but the outside surface became disappeared.
May you help me please, i want to send the file blender ?

KorniteLuancher.blend (747.8 KB)

Ok, now I understand the problem.

In blender, the surfaces are just that, a surface. The face where the normal goes up, it is the face where you can apply the texture, the physical face. The other face is like it doesn’t exist from the texture viewpoint. You have a cylinder, then the “exterior” faces are the faces where the texture is applied. The faces inside will always be transparent when you export it to a game platform. To solve it, you have to “solidify” the surface.

Take the original version (with the normals going out), in edit mode select all the cylinder faces, go to the wrench symbol (1) and “add modifier” (2). Select from the list, “solidify” (second column). Then select the thickness you want for the cannon (3) and return to object mode before applying (4). You can then look up the normals and, if all is well, you will have normals outside and inside the cylinder. Now, you have faces on the inside and the perimeter of the top and bottom faces you can put textures on. Good luck!


Thanks a lot brother :slight_smile:

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