The Rabbination Results

Well it needs more work and its not perfect.
Most importantly it needs claws and a tail still…
But, I spent all day on it and its time to move on!

Here is what I started with:

And here is what i wound up with!:

Its much better off to make all your limbs in advance - using a base mesh that ISNT meta balls.
Not doing this made it very difficult to make teeth, feet, claws, and a tail.
The ears would have been much better off as an extruded limb aswell, but I followed Mike’s advice initially so it wound up as a separate mesh.

If i do any more work on this i’ll show it in later parts of the section.


@Hagyto Do you think this rabbit is deserving of hell?

I was thinking of putting him there.

Down to hell with it :fire:

It may become a roasted bunny pretty quick though :poultry_leg: :joy:

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Yes he deserves it for having a better physique then the forum members despite being a rabbit. He needs a more fitting place for the physique. I’m gonna see what opportunities the section lay :smile:

Funny i was actually fantasizing about eating bunny when i was modeling this. It just sounds like a tastey meat for some reason. Lol it might require a bit of work to toast him tho

Actually the rabbit’s damned cockroach butt was really starting to bother me. And I editied it a bit

It actually REALLY needs claws, and some other tweaks. But can’t belive I’m still editing this; time to get on with the lectures.

Rite Mike’s hair method better make up for that scrawny tail bone xD

Hmm the hind legs are higher off the ground then the front. Def gonna wanna come back to this later.

Feet are looking slightly more sturdy now:

OCD keeps kicking in and I cant stop editing it xD
(although this is in part a good thing because last nite i wanted to give up)
But still… I’m falling behind on the new learning

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