The project could not be compiled

I have Visual Community 2015 and Unreal Engine 4.11.2 installed and each time I try to create a C++ project, a window appear telling me “the project could not be compiled.”.
Does anyone have a clue where the problem could be coming from?

PS: I’m on windows 10

I think i may have found a solution for this and its tied into the visual studio versions.
It appears this unreal version does not like update 3 in visual studio so if i student upgrades their visual studio version it will cause this error.
I am still using update 2 and i am caught up with the course and had no issues this time around.


I am hoping this is what has happened but unlike me i may have the solution to fix it (without reformatting and reinstalling windows which is what i ended up doing).

You could try updating your unreal earlier than ben and go to the last version of 4.12.


Compile failed when creating CPP Project

This means reverting back to update 2 but i would try the engine update first

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your answer! I really wish I had seen your answer earlier because I decided to desinstal Visual Studio with update 3 with TotalUninstaller. I was unable to reinstal visual studio update 2 (stuck loading), so I downloaded Unreal 4.13 and redownloading now Visual Studio Update 3 (since it should work with latest UE4 version). But now I can’t even reinstal Visual Studio, it’s telling me he can’t find Microsoft Build Tools 14.0 (and I downloaded the iso of the instal).

I guess the program TotalUninstaller was more aggressive that planned and deleted a bunch of files that I still needed so it feels like I have really made my problem worse.
I know I am asking a lot but if you have anything to can put me in the right track from there, I am a taker.
It looks like I am at my wits’ end.


Build tools link
Those are the build tools although i dont know if installing them seperately will solve the issue as thats an exe.
The file it needs would be the msi version of the build tools which should be part of the package (unless they were not checked in the install.)

Hope this helps somewhat but those would be my guesses from here.

Good luck!

Thanks for your quick, to the point and well-adivsed answers, irresistiblejelly! Unfortunately I have reinstalled the Build tools (many times over) and I still have the error. I have wasted half a day on the problem and Visual Studio is basically my go-to IDE for…Everything. I probably will have to do a complete reinstal of windows but it saddens me just to think of it.

Thank you again! If anyone else has any other suggestions, I’m eager to hear them.


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Sorry you’re having trouble. Before you go to all that trouble please try…

  • Upgrading to Unreal 4.13.1 if you’re not there already.
  • Compiling a different project
  • Compiling our project by using the “Lecture Code Changes” link in Resources.

Thank you for the follow up, ben. I just switched to UE 4.13 (what I should have started doing).

Just for reference if anyone encounters the same problem as me (which was very specific and made it all the more hard to solve).

TotalUninstaller for Visual Studio removed most of the component of previous VS versions but it let the MS Build tools and MS Build tools language’s registry damaged. From that point Visual Studio installer was not able to uninstall MS Build tools (of course it doesn’t tell you so, I had to look carefully in the log files). You have to download the nice MicrosoftProgram_Install_Uninstall.meta.diagcab and repair the registry for MS Build tools and MS Build tools language and it will then uninstall properly.

I lost an entire sunday of your fantastic lectures, Ben. So I will have to work a bit harder starting from tonight.



Very Glad you got this resolved as took me a week to figure it out and that was after i had reformatted my main drive to reinstall visual studio as it was stuck installing to a drive that died.
I feel your pain on this and thanks for posting your solution to getting out of the situation :slight_smile:


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