The Peacebreaker (Work of Blender and Wings3D)

Hello Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is my Project ''Peacebreaker"

Peacebreaker is a Powerful Sci-fi Gun Powered with Nuclear power :wink:

I Created this with Blender and Wings3D (Modeled in Wings 3D, put materials and rendered in Blender)

So what do you think?


It’s a futuristic piece! The presentation could be part of a sales flyer. Fancy colors and good lighting, bright and clear. So it has potential.

Of course, while designing fantasy models, keep usability also in mind. How will a person use this. There is a term called “Form follows function.” While colors are fun, nice and give a SciFy look. In the dark you are a shooting target …

I hope to see more work from you! Happy rendering.

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Thank you Mate. I never considered about “Form follow function” principle and im hoping to publish more works later :blush:

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