The particles effect does not remain on the crash point

Rick in the video mentions something which Is really interesting for me but does not cover it properly. When Barry crashed to the ground the particle effect should remain in that position which is not happening even after setting “Simulation Space” to the “World”.

I appreciate it in advance to help me fix this issue.


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If you are saying that your particle effects don’t work the way you want it to, even after doing the changes Rick did there are a few things that could have gone wrong.

Check the emitter shape, sometimes when using a circle or even a square as your shape could cause issues, based off of what this games idea is. Try setting the emitter shape to “Point” and adjusting the position of the emitter to match the crash point.

Another issue could be the collision settings. If your particle system crashes with other objects it could cause the particles to go away from the crash point. Adjust the collision settings to make sure the particles are colliding with the ground or other objects in a way that causes them to settle in the correct position.

I would also double check your values with the ones Rick has to ensure everything is working properly.

These are some suggestions, with the context that I have, if none of these works, additional information would be helpful, hope this helps!

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