The Nightmare of Archland

No, honestly, I was having a horrible time with using profile curves to make details for the doors. The doors were always offset from the paths and changing the mean tilt would often cause weird overlapping geometry. After a great deal of struggling with the geometry (blender 2.8 by the way), it turned out for me it helped a lot to have the profile at the origin (0,0) for both world and path – haven’t tested which actually matters or if both. Afterwards no matter how I changed the mean tilt of the path there was no overlapping geometry – after that it was actually pretty fun because different tilts sometimes created odd definitions for the arch.

*Forgot to mention this also avoids the problem of having a doorway turn out bigger than the path.

A couple plain ones:

A couple of oddities created by combining different pathed meshes from different mean tilts:

Hopefully these experiences help those with similar problems.

Remade a couple window arches, using the brick method:

Window_Arch_5 Window_Arch_6

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