The Nature Academy

Began The Nature Academy course by Andrew Price for creating realistic nature.



Beautiful !

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This is great! Andrews prices nature academy you say? Is that a udemy course or on YouTube ? I have done a ton of tutorials from Andrew Price on YouTube I didn’t know he also had courses… from how awesome your work turned out it looks like it’s well worth doing :slight_smile:

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No it’s not on udemy or youtube (unfortunately). He has indeed two courses, The Nature Academy and The Architecture Academy.
and they are definitely worth it, he goes really in depth in what he is teaching (these are not beginner courses so you are expected to know your way around blender a bit) and has an amazing knowledge of blender.
the only thing is, it is not cheap, but i think you get what you pay for.

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I haven’t done his courses but I bought the grass essentials pack, pro-lighting studio and the rock essentials pack. Andrews products are very well done. The last one I want to buy from him is the pro-lighting skies so that I basically have what I need to be able to make the best images I can.

Very good job with going through those courses. I look forward to seeing what you do after the courses with the knowledge that you’ve gained. =D


I found the intro to this on youtube . . . grass waviing in the breeze, leaves, water . . . WOW! It is a pricey course . . . I found similar free tutorials on youtube . . . maybe not as good . . . hmmm. To have these skills though . . . now I know what to beg for for my birthday! :0D

Hold your horses with that one. I actually struggle to find that video right now, but I’m very certain he said about this.
Nature Academy is about to be disbanded. You can’t even join it right now, it only works for those who did before, and they only gonna have access for few more months before it is entirely disbanded.
He explained reasons to that: most of lessons there are very old, and are not efficient and right ways for doing things today. Blender changed over those years so they are no longer valid.
He didn’t said though what exactly will be there instead of it, most likely some kind of new nature academy I guess.

Hey . . . thanks for the info! I’m new to Blender and anxious to learn all I can. To see those types of scenes just gets me more stirred up to learn! Can’t wait until I’m ready to learn those skills. I’m sure something will be available . . . hopefully I can afford it. :0D

You can keep on learning this course. It’s great because you get a little bit of everything and rather good overall knowledge of Blender step-by-step: modelling, animating, etc. After you complete it you will probably know better what specifically you want, and it will be easier to follow any other courses too.

Hi . . . I adore modeling . . . so that’s the problem . . . I know I need to take it slow and learn . . . but any of these additional skills are such a tease, I can’t stand it . . . always have been the one who wanted to run before I could walk! I’m the one in the crowd with blood on my knees! LOL

Same thing here. I actually made this before finishing section 2, so you gonna have some reasonable skill very soon, and if you willing to invest some time you can get some spectacular things done. Still, no matter how interesting the work you do, after a while things just get boring sometimes and you have to use discipline to get serious things done.

And 3D model edited later with some colors.


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