The Multi cameras

Please, share your views.


Looking good!

I notice the textures on your white pieces look a bit stretched… maybe double-check that you’re using object coordinates in the material settings and not UV like below?

Also, your pawn, it seems as if the top is connected to the base by one vertex. I’m scared it might break if you ever tried to 3D print that :cold_sweat:

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Thanks for your reply, to make the pawn base to look quite different and attractive i intentionally did that, but i had made sure that there is no intersection in the pawn model while making that pawn base design.

And while applying the texture, i used the tube option which was listed in the dropdown, that’s why there is the stretchy look of the texture on the pieces.

And from the next time when I’ll make any of the model, I’ll keep in mind about your suggestion. So thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Still looks awesome if that is what you were going for :grin:

Thanks a lot

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