The Mother -- Text Adventure

I created a bizarre little horror game for this assignment. You play a young child whose is home alone since The Mother went out, but she is never quite gone.

Not exactly sure where I was planning on going with it so it just abruptly ends but I hope someone enjoys it! I used because I’ve had an endless ‘Processing’ issue on Sharemygame.

(editting in hopes the link will work now)

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The link 404s!

Thank you for letting me know!

Interesting story. Have you listened to The Narrow Caves? It’s a horror podcast with a similar weird vibe.

Thanks! And I have not, but I’ll definitely check it out. Luckily my job allows for plentiful podcast listening, so I’m always looking for more.

I enjoyed it. Great atmosphere, great setting. The description of the mother was wonderful.
I had one concern that I went to meet the mother and at the top of the text area was “P13? [8[01]”.

Oops, I seem to have not checked every scene thoroughly… Thanks for letting me know though!

Creepy. I like how it’s more story than game.

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