The marketing and promotion of my first game: Ball Bouncer

Hi everybody!!,
I’ve just finished developing my first game. It’s an infinite climber completely based on physics, right now it’s only available for Android but I plan too release it for iOS too very soon.
I’ve faced a lot of challenges (it’s been like 18-20 months of development) and I’ve learned a lot about unity and mobile games, but for me the biggest challenge is what I’m doing right now: that is promoting and sharing and talking about my game.
The development stage was a lot clearer to me than the releasing stage. So I want to know what other students of this amazing course are doing to promote or share (or sell) their games. Right now I am trying to share my game on Facebook or in Twitter and it’s a bit slow but I think I’m moving forward. It would be amazing if I could get some tips from the other members of this community :sweat_smile:. Also, any feedback from a game design perspective is also very very VERY welcome :smile:
Ball Bouncer is free and you can find a link to play here: Google Playstore


Hey there, I did check out your game and boy I gotta say, that is one amazing game. It’s so clean and beautiful :D, I love it, I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends. Did you use Gimp for all the sprites and animations in your game? I don’t have any feedback at the moment since I’m making my own Android game right now and it’s been really hard for me, so I have a ton of questions that I want to ask you, if that’s okay with you of course :).

I would love to hear more takes on marketing as well. Heck I even have trouble finding reliable collabs but that is another subject entirely. I have tried twitter facebook, indie db, and gamejolt myself for one of my RPGs. In terms of viewing only it seems the most see my game on indie db actually. Game jolt got 120 views and about 15 plays. Indie db 1k views and 34 plays… I put them up at similar times. The other cool thing about indie db is the article updates bump your views by 200 or so every time you post some news or updates which helps. was much later and has about 48 views and 3 downloads.

But generally my findings through all this are: get your game somewhere people can download it… indie db seems to have the most reliable coverage, but you can’t sell there, so best to use a demo or articles to drive people to the page/site you really want them to download from. Next… talk about it on every social media and forum you can think of. twitter, facebook, heck post it on more game sites like gamejolt etc can’t hurt. TIGsource might be a good place to post, unity forums etc. However, keep in mind I am still unknown joe game designer so I am definitely missing some marketing outlets, probably the things like game conventions and real social networking.

So really if anyone knows more tips be cool to collect some here. Also, getting feedback at all aside from: looks great keep going seems like pulling teeth lol. Then again I guess I can take that at face value too.

Hey, I checked out your game and it is very interesting. And the design surprised me a lot. I will recommend it to my friends for sure. When it is about promoting, I always suggest to use link building. It is not necessary to know everything about it, because nowadays there are companies in this domain which make their job very well. For example, for some months, I work with they helped me to increase the number of visitors in just a few weeks. Plus, they answered to all my stupid questions, and I will contact them for sure when I will finish my second game.

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