The Many Men of Curves and Beans

Yes, I’m jumping ahead a bit. Will jump back if I start to struggle too much, but I was afraid I’d lose too much interest between where I was and here if I didn’t jump in.

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I did some additional studies by getting a reference of a skeleton and drawing over top. Obviously, not a real skeleton, and not sure if male or female, but really helped to get an idea of how this all works together.

On the left is my trace-over, and the three on the right I did without tracing, based on the proportions from the trace over.

Compared to my original work from the lecture. They really converged by the end, which I found interesting. This appears to be how my brain distills and stores this information.


This skeleton illustration is a very smart idea. Loving this, because it shows the relation between real structure and the guidelines.


More comparison work, this time of a real photo.

After tracing over I did one on my own. Here’s the traceover next to the photo, and the non-tracing attempt:


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