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Well, I like a lot of what you did here, but I need to be honest with some feedback.

The mouse sensitivity was out of control and the player movement speed was way too slow. I could not aim well enough to hit anything, nor could I run from the monsters or get a good look at where I was going because the look mechanism is too fast for me.

That said, I really liked the ambiance and I thought the spider monsters and gorilla monsters were really cool. The red highlights helped me see them better in such darkness, but it was difficult to make out much detail until they were close enough to attack me. I don’t think this would be a necessary change though. Being able to get in close, catch a glimpse of the detail, and run out of the way helps keep the spooky factor in tact.

I would love to try playing again after the look and movement sensitivity issues are fixed. At the moment, these two issues make the game too difficult for me to enjoy.

Overall, I’d say good job so far. I like what I saw. It just needs a little more work to make it more accessible for us slower folks.

Thank You For The Feedback
I’ve Changed The Mouse Sensitivity And Movement Speed, Both Seem To Be A Result Of The WebGL Build.

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I believe that. I’ve had a lot of problems with my WebGL builds lately.

The game plays a little more smoothly now, specifically the ‘look’ is more controlled, but from a tuning standpoint, it seems as if it went from a 10 (out of control) to about a 2 or a 3 (a little too constrained), and we need somewhere around a 5 or a 6. It’s not as bad as it was before, but it’s a little on the slow side now.

I didn’t notice much of a difference with the player movement. I still got mauled when the monsters got too close and I couldn’t run away from them. I played again and left the building where there was more room to move and I think that made a difference. I think I would still up the movement speed a point or two though.

I think I would add some more lighting into the scene. The scene doesn’t have to be ‘brighter’, so to speak, but I think adding a couple of light sources would help. Maybe more sconce lights around the walls, or perhaps a pedestal with a fire on it would help. Everything that is away from the original few light sources is so dark, and it’s extremely difficult to make out anything outside the building if it is further than arm’s length away. I think some additional light sources on the outer walls might help with this.

I went into the forest area and got lost because I couldn’t see anything other than whatever the flashlight was highlighting. The flashlight is useful, but I don’t personally feel that it is enough for some large areas what you have here.

That said, I still think it’s better than before. Making a game takes a lot of play testing and tweaking. You’re on your way, it just needs more work.

I’ve Increased The Movement Speed A Lot, The Turn Speed A Little, Made The Torch Larger And Added A Sprint (Left Shift)
Again Thank You For The Feedback It Really Does Help A Lot.

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You’re getting there.

This time I found an ammo box and the flashlight batteries. I never saw those before.

I still think many of the areas could use more sconce lighting, even if it doesn’t ‘conceptually’ make sense right now (torches outside on a windy night, etc). You can always find a more aesthetically pleasing solution later, but for now I would go with what you already have for testing purposes.

I would like to see a torch on a couple of the wall segments in the really dark areas, both inside and outside the building, just so I could get a better feel for whether or not it would help.

Specifically, I would like to see a torch on the left inside wall, and compare it to the right inside wall and see how the monsters appear on the light side and the dark side of the room.

Outside, I would like to see at least one torch on each inside wall section…not each specific segment like -, but at least on the sections of wall that are made up of segments like — — .

In this context, I’m saying that the player can run between ‘sections’ of wall, and a section is made of ‘segments’. So I don’t think there’s a need to put three torches on a wall section made of three segments, just one torch should be fine for testing purposes.

Another option might be to post one torch on each wall of the outside of the building. You may need more later, but I would like to start small and just add one or two here and there to see the difference that it would make.

This time, I also noticed that there are at least four different weapons. I could not tell that before. It was too dark to really make out the difference. I know the sounds and firing patterns are different for each weapon, but It was still too dark for me to really make sense of anything. I cannot tell what the melee weapon is all about, I can just tell that there is one of some sort. It kind of looked like a club, but I could be wrong.

The movement is noticeably faster. I like the addition of the sprint, but it is not quite as noticeable. I would bump the sprint up just a bit.

The look is much faster, but it is difficult to control and I would try knocking it back down a point or two, if possible.

I hope this helps!

Pretty good, but the sensitivity is crazy. Sometimes you end up looking at the floor five times in a row. Anyway this is much more than I expected in terms of game itself, congratulations!

Thank You
Yeah I Need To Add A Pause Menu With A Sensitivity Slider (I’m Still Learning How) And The Input Lag Seems To Have Something To Do With The WebGL Build, Which Goes Away After The Game Reset’s.
In All Honesty There’s A Lot In This Project I Could Have Done Better.
Thank You for The Feedback