The light is not working for me

could anyone tell what is the solution

They have changed the lighting value
53W is wayy too small
the default was 1000W

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And the background is emitting also a grey light, that is why it’s so flat “misty”.

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still I put it on more than 1000 W and it still dark

this is my discord name HUNTERIKILLER #3367

So we could contact each other much better because its a little bit difficult to understand when someone explaining what I’m doing.

A point lamp radiates light in all direction. The intensity falls off with a factor of 2 on the distance.
It is not only the energy of the light (make it 10.000). But also the distance to the subject, which you want to light on.
As I said, there is also the environmental light, that your dark grey background. If the intensity of that one is more then your single lamp … you lamp lose!

So check the world icon. In the same column as the lamp icon. There you see the color and intensity
WorldModifier .

And be aware that rendering Cycles or Eevee, have differences in lighting.

Be patient the course will handle this aspects of lighting.

Don’t give up.

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