The Legend of Connor

Hi everyone. I’m so excited to share my text based game with you. I would love to hear your thoughts and get feedback so feel free to share. The link below only works in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Enjoy!

The Legend of Connor

I used Xmind to organize my plan.



I’m testing your game. Good idea sharing the design chart :slight_smile: I’m copying it.

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I’ve just finished it.

It’s funny, but kinda linear. Maybe adding some branches would give the game more sensation of placement.

Yelling at the whip master to defeat him is great :smiley:

See ya!

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Yes feel free to copy it. Xmind is free which is great. You can also write notes in each box which is how I wrote my story.

Click Here to Download XMind

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Thanks for playing and glad you liked it. I definitely want to go back and add more things. More branching path is a great idea. Thanks for the feedback and good luck making games too. :+1:

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Hey. Thanks for the info.

Just in case you are interested: For this kind of games I always prefer to use twine. Is an amazing stand alone and online tool, specifically designed for this. I truly recommend you to try it if you are interested in the genre.

For design flow charts I use to work almost always with Google Draw, which can be embed directly into Docs online. This means that you can create your GDD almost enterely with only one tool. (You can always call spreadsheets from sheets).

Hope this is usefull for you :slight_smile:

See you here in future!

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I just looked into Twine, and wow it’s great. I want to try to make different type of games in the future and making a interactive non-linear story is one I have in mind.

Cool Google Draw is just like Microsoft Office. I didn’t even know google had this.

This was definitely helpful. Thanks again!

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