The Last Hero (5 Level Block Breaker Game)

Here’s a few screenshots from my game. There’s some “bugs” that I might fix later, like ball still going for boring loops (but it gets out of them) and some VFX’s are happening behind canvas, also levels tend to be long and it might get boring after a while, but for now I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Another TODO is to add a credits page for the music and images I edited for this game. I’ll drop a link if you want to go test it out, but I must warn you the music is kinda loud and the levels are hard! :wink: Tell me if you managed to save the world.

Here’s the link:
All feedback is much appreciated! <3


I like your design and that you tell a story. Just two suggestions. First and even though the paddle fits the theme, it is very dark to see. My other suggestion would be either to give more lives and/or put in a restart level function so that the player doesn’t need to go through the intro several times. Besides that, it is an appealing game!

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I agree with both suggestions, I noticed the darkness of my batarang paddle today when trying it with my laptop (my desktop monitors have nightlights on, so didn’t see the issue that clearly at first) And also the extra lives and restart functionality are great TODO’s! Thanks a lot!

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

I just want to add that I really like the background soundtrack during the level, very good at increasing the tension!

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