The Kid of Malibu Canyon

Once Upon A Time, a Coyote Cub was contaminated with the nearby city of Los Angeles’ pollution. Far from dying he mutated acquiring Human form. He hides in the Canyons in Malibu and loves to go downhill with his longboard skate.

That’s a little story I came up with my render.
I made it entirely on Blender and Photoshop, hope you like it.


When you zoom in, you can see the rough fur. And I love the fur (skin, colour) you’ve created. A lot of details is this picture.
Maybe to much blur (feet). Much work!! Well done.

Wow this looks great. I’m a total beginner and I hope i can do stuff like this in the future.
I am not sure how hard it is to make the ears fluttering in the wind. I think it will add a bit more detail.
Awesome work :slight_smile:

@FedPete thanks! The blur comes from the depth of field of the camera, maybe I should use less DOF to have the character more focused :slight_smile:

@Stefan_Kotte I’m a beginner as well, I started last July, so almost a year working with Blender. You will be able to do stuff like that for sure. I agree the image needs some kind of movement effect to make it more “realistic” … I’m not sure if that can be done in Blender or I should just use some movement blur in Photoshop, besides to move a little the ears… I will try to do some edits. Thanks for your feedback :wink:

Motion blur (it’s done with the camera focus) is possible in Blender, but then you need to animate the figure. Because Blender needs at least two frames to calculate motion blur.

In the example below. You can see objects more and less less blurred dependent on their motion speed.

That is a beautiful piece man. Love it.

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Thanks so much @Phillip_Boswell

loved it :smiley:

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