The Irony of my project and the course

I wanted to share something with the RPG Course community. I was laughing to myself during the live stream the other day because of how close the subject hit home. So here is a story I shared on my blog about my adventure so far:


You have some wonderful artwork in there @EricPhillips :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rob, I wish I could take credit for all of it lol. All the logo designs, layout, and scripting was done by me. Only about 1/4 of the in game artwork was mine. I had a very talented team back in the day. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes. Some of them moved away, some transferred because of their career. We tried to make it work long distance through repositories, skype, etc… but it did not last very long. After that, I did some more work on my own and even contracted out for artists.

I guess that is why I decided I will only work with a local team, or do it myself. I have a vision of where I would like to go, a vision I actually made work, but what is in serious need of a facelift to 3D. I work everyday to learn something new. One day, someday within the next couple of years, this game will see the light of day.

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You can really tell that you are devoted to this project Eric, I sincerely wish you every success with it, do keep us all updated as it’s always great to see how peoples projects develop :slight_smile:

So last night I sat down while moving around and changing my old 2D GDD to a new 3D GDD and thought… new change, new logo? So let me know what you think please. Here is my old and new logos:

I also did these ones, but I’m not sure about them:

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I actually really like the final one, the L is a bit lost on the one above it but the same is true of the S at the end of the sword… could you make it a little longer perhaps?

Ooh you added another one… ok, so to clarify, I really like the 3rd one, but think maybe the writing wpuld be clearer if it were a little longer…

All very good though :slight_smile:

I just now added the staff logo. How is that one?

My preference is definitely the sword… see what the masses think :slight_smile:

I’m with Rob, the third one. Very cool.

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Ok, I took your advice and tweaked it a bit. Would the original colors above work better? Or whats the take on this one?

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The second one. I can barely read the “in their mind” text on the first.

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I was originally looking at these on my mobile, I’m using the laptop now and I have to say they look even more impressive!!

As a suggestion only… that golden colour looks like its hot, maybe on some intro screen there could be some flames or something until they die out and then it remains glowing in those colours, with perhaps the “In Their Minds” having a little fade into brightness? Dunno… getting all arty now and this isn’t my thing! hehe… sorry :slight_smile:

Looks really good Eric…

Thanks for the reply guys. I’m my own critic when it comes to my art, so all feedback is welcome. Here is one more I will throw out there for now today.

Now remember, I create these to be transparent, so thats what you are seeing. To get an idea about what this would look like on a white background, look below:


I will confess to being colour blind on reds and greens, obviously I can see those colours but not as well when they do that stupid dotty book test… anyway, that aside, I find that the colours in the word “Legends” just blends a bit too closely with the colours on the blade of the sword… and the “In Their Mind”, when not on white, disappears in to the darkness…

This might be more of an issue on a smaller device also. I think the bottom one on white, say on a webpage would work ok for desktop users but as I said, mobile devices maybe not so much…

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Thanks… I appreciate all the feedback. Gives me something to think on :slight_smile:

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Viewing this topic on a mobile definitely displays the differences well. And you are of course well :slight_smile:

I’m going to put my hat in the ring too and vote for the second one! Shows up well on mobile!

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nice work, yep, im liking the linear approach to the sword, and goes well with the white background.

and I like the revamped shield for a logo, nice and crisp.

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From the post with three similar logos, the bottom of the three with the all silvery text looks best to me.

Clean and easy to read for my old eyes. :slight_smile:


+1 on that…the bottom one looks great!

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