The Godot side of things!

WOW I loved it!! I already made this project in the Unity version of it and can compare both engines and Godot(as a Python’s nephew) delivers a lovely and simplistic approach of concepts. I will NOT say this or that is better because I LOVE both of them, Unity/C# and Godot/GDScript.

As I made in the Unity version I implemented my classic yet caotic Camera Switcher hahahahha. As said is easy to do but it took me some research to get it done, but we, programmers, love research!!!

I moved the camera to the player scene(Now I have a lovely follow camera) and remove it from all the maps/scenes. Also, freeze camera rotation thru code(rotation = -get_parent().rotation). The second Camera is inside the body of the player.

Then this

Let’s go for the next one!!!

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