The GDD!

Hey everyone!! Let’s go for this new project!!! I think that the topics and general idea that Rick share with us its super important and is a fundamental part of the game development process the GDD(Game Design Document)!! Many people from different areas could(and should) take part in the GDD, from artists like drawers and musicians to programmers and marketing!! We need to focus on this at the begining of any project!!! So, we need to create a whole universe around the project in order to inspire and motivate the team(even if the whole team is only you)!!

So, my idea(that could be a bit harder for me to take it out of my mind and put it in practice) could be something like this… It is the year 4094 and after the great contact with alien races one of them gone mad with humans and decided to feed his pet with us… but, his pet happens to be a massive galaxies eater, now we need to navigate inside the beast to find our way out and make that Alien dude pay for what he did…
So I imagine the game map like some kind of guts and such… Here comes so much posibilities because since the mosnter is super massive we could have another worlds inside OR we could isolate us in some corner of it… the posibilities are almost infinite…!!

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