The XBox Club

Who is on XBox? We have a club you’re welcome to join here…


The purpose being…

  • Play games with instructors, and other students.
  • Ask how game features you see are made.
  • Broadcast your gameplay.
  • Discuss XBox development.
  • Have fun, but keep it family-friendly!

@moderators note, we’d love to see you there too.


Prefer Steam? See The Steam Group

Would love to - No Xbox at the mo :frowning:

No worries, we’ll be there when you’re ready :slight_smile:

No XBox but I’m up for a Steam group!

That’s a good idea too, I’ll look to start one of those too and create a separate topic.

I’m on the steam group same name Irresistible Jelly although it does change to Dramen76 on occasion.

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