The Floor is Lava -Lamp Animation

It’s been a little while since I have last posted. Although it took a while to get here, I had learned a lot about not just Blender, but how my workflow at the time just wasn’t very realistic.

My first attempt at this project turned out to be a little too ambitious. Their were things I had wanted to do but did not really understand how to get them working. I wanted to use physics, overly complex models, and I wanted the scene to contain many moving objects. A few weeks in, I got burnt out, and ended up dropping it.

About a month passed. My second attempt went similarly, complex mesh, lots of moving parts, and no idea how to put it all together. Burn out again.

Then, the third attempt came around, which is what you see here. Before I started on this one, I evaluated what I had done in the past, and realized that my scope was too big. Not only would I add a lot of extra parts that were unnecessary, I also had little knowledge or guidance to do them. This doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up the knowledge as I went through these attempts, but rather that I could have learned a lot more if I had just stuck with the lesson.

Which leads to my second realization: I was trying to be a perfectionist. I wasn’t ok with moving on in the lesson until I had things exactly as I wanted them to be, even if the next lesson would have likely solved my issues. It was a very frustrating experience, until I realized I was doing it to myself.

TLDR: So here we are. What initially was a very frustrating four months, has turned into a very rewarding experience. I also just wanted to say thank you to all the hearts and nice comments in the past, not only has it made me feel welcome here, but it kept me motivated to keep going. Enjoy! :heart:



Lamp Twist

Lamp Twist 2

Lamp Shot

Lamp Mid Air

Lamp On Block


Yes, I see this happens a lot. And I also had some of these projects, trying to be exact and mathematical precise. In my mind doing triple A designs. But the best way is to suppress these feelings, and enjoy the course. Follow the challenges step by step and try not to drift off. Just learn the process of using Blender in all its aspects.

There is so much more to learn in Blender. I did three Blender courses here on GameDev. Only to recognize that there is much more to learn in the 3D animation business. And to be honest it is a long way to perfection. And don’t forget, that for animation and gaming project, hundreds of people are working on this. Even if you see things, which seems so easy. But the expertise lies in the knowhow to breakdown the project in parts. How to solve the problem in a efficient way. Combine them and add details at a last moment. Don’t get lost in details at the beginning of a project!

Just practice.
Base projects on 90% repetition of existing knowledge. Then add 10% something new to learn.

Show your work regular, so problems can be spotted upfront.


Ohh I was expecting a lava lamp!

Good lamp in a larva world though.

Yes, especially at the start, it is best to stick to the simplicity of the course objects, however much your own ideas are better and more complicated! There is a lot to be said for doing the course twice, the second time around it is easier to go off in your own direction.

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