The FindWithTag squiggly was not because of a type issue

Just a minor thing, but the squiggly from the “FindWithTag” was because “FindWithTag” is a class method of GameObject and he was writing is as an instance method. So it was a “method not found” error, separate from the Transform/GameObject issue which was also going to show up.

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You would think that they would go back and fix the videos or at least add some text to explain that he is leading people down the wrong path. A crucial omission in my opinion.

He makes it look as if the type of the variable was the problem, but you could actually just leave it a Transform and init it as follows (GameObject.FindWithTag("SpawnedAtRuntime").transform). That would make the whole “I don’t like to use transform twice” speech. This leads to confusion, especially among people with little programming knowledge.

Luckily I spotted this (I’m a programmer) and am mainly here to learn about Unity. Unfortunately he does sometimes make similar mistakes for non-programming things as well which are not that easy to spot and which spoil the otherwise enjoyable learning experience.