The Evolution of my work

Hi Guys,
Want to start off saying that I’m enjoying this course very much. It has been a while since I posted my progress, so I decided to make a sort of a montage and share it here.
(This post is long and my final render is at the bottom. Be sure to check it out.)

These are some of my earlier prototypes. I wanted better results ,so I worked on a few things over my two week break.
I have presented my progress in an orderly fashion here.
I hope to get better results in the future.

And here is the final render
I know that the bunny is looking a bit out of place compared to the rest of the scene and that’s because I was so focused on making the environment that I forgot about the bunny altogether. XD
Also, I just noticed one of my sun lamps getting reflected off the river. I guess I forgot to turn off the glossy ray visibility. Cant undo now. It took almost 6 hours to render .I’m not doing that again.

Do let me know what you guys think.

Machine specs-
core i7
8gb ram
4gb gtx 960m

Final Image rendered at 1080p @ 1000 samples


Wow, environment is really cool !
I almost did not see the rabbit on the final render xD

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Thank You!
Ya the rabbit is a bit out of place . I am going to exclude the rabbit out of my final render as it looks a bit out of place . uploading a rabbit-less image now.



Real good job on the scene :+1:. I like the mossy part on trees.
If you didn’t go step-by-step I would have believed it was a photograph :wink:

Also in last scene: A wild Bunny appears ! * Music playing *

Cheers !

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Thanks mate!

Scene looks amazing man love the work you did on it! Big fan of the god rays :wink:

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Ikr? God rays make the scene look vibrant. Big fan myself. :slight_smile:

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