The end of this section got a little messy

Hi Mike and Ben.
I’m enjoying this course a lot and Mike you’re doing a very good job explaining everything in Blender very well.

I’m not really sure what happened here, but for the past couple of lectures things went really wrong for me and a lot of people when it was time to re-rig the lamp.
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong since I don’t have enough knowledge but there seem to be some steps left out a bit further back that would have helped us prepare everything before it was time to do this.

I’ve seen some people here in the forum talk about having to apply transform/rotation/scale of all meshes before joining them together, resetting the rig to Pose Mode (I think it’s called that) and some other stuff.
Unfortunately nothing is working for me and the lamp just won’t hold together and animate properly.

I understand that you are not going to redo a bunch of videos here, but perhaps it’s possible to squeeze in an extra info video somewhere here that can let people know that some people have a lot of trouble here at the end?
Just to reassure them to keep going.

I’m feel ready to move on to the next section because I’m pretty confident that I can bring with me what I have learned here so far and combine it, both with the rest I’m about to learn in this blender course, and with other sources, to eventually get a full grasp on rigging and animating.

Thanks for your great work and continued support!


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