The Dungeon of Suzanne

I got very inspired for this and ended up spending more time on it than I had any reason to. It was fun though, and a great chance to learn and toy around with the program. I did my best to work on the lighting issues I had previously without changing the atmosphere I was going for too much - hopefully it worked out.
I followed a tutorial I found on youtube to make the character’s hands but the rest was more so just based off google searches like ‘medieval dungeon’.
I added additional walls just to keep the illusion of it being a closed space in renders.


I just done a dungeon so I can see how much work you’ve put in!
Nice work, the cells are a cool addition.
Eyes glowing from the back of the cell could add some extra creep.


Thank you!
The eyes are a fantastic idea. I’d tried something like that in the small cell in the second render but messed up haha - though I found the red glow from that attempt nice and ominous anyways so I left it. I probably should have just copied Suzanne’s glowing eye over. :thinking:
Definitely will be fun to revisit this project later and make additions - though I need a break from it now :sweat_smile:

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Great Work! I like the pillars with the candles in them. :grinning:

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Yeah, really nice dungeon and story :clap:t5:

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You really went the extra mile with this one. I appreciate the extra creativity.

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