The dome and barrel are not moving

I am having a small problem, that dome or barrel on the mortar are not moving

the ai tanks are working OK

in I put log in the move turret it is saying it is trying to move it, but it is not moving

On the dome and barrel both have movable clicked.

any ideas what I have missed?


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I have this same problem. Have you solved the problem?

Can not fully rember I think I delete it and remade it, and left a small gap between dome and the barrel

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Mine does not move either :confused:

  • Check the TankAIController.cpp file
    • in the tick method
      • if your AI Controlled Tank is of an ATank pointer then it will evaulate to a null pointer when it hits the ensure macro.
      • you can fix this by changing the ATank pointer to an APawn pointer

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Make sure you choose ‘AIController’ in the “ClassDefaults->AI Controller Class->AI Controller.”

Hope it helps!

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