The difference in detail


Here’s a model I’m working on right now. Aim to rig him up sometime soon, and potentially make a short animation out of it.

The first iteration, as seen as a static image below, took maybe 3 or 4 hours to do the whole thing.
The sketchfab image at the bottom is an iteration I made tonight, which is capable of blinking, has mouth internals and teeth, and a different type of feet, which all took an additional 2 hours on top of the original.

The extent we go to for tiny details!



I’d love to see your guys iterations on your own creations, and how long it took you to make those changes! It would be cool to compare.


Loving the troll, great work… looks so cool, and alarmingly friendly :slight_smile:


Very nice! What modeling techniques did you use to create it?


Mostly mirror and subdivision surface. But when I’m happy with how it looks I’ll apply those to make tweaks. I used the following reference picture I found on Google to get the body right and tweaked the face to get it closer to how I wanted it.

I also recently learned the importance of triangles, because I used to try and make all of my models using exclusively squares. Also, when using subdivision surface, when you want something to sort of… Jut out in a pretty sharp contrast, it’s better to use separate geometry inside the same object and push it inside the model, rather than try to connect it to existing verts. An example of this is how I did the nose… if any of that makes sense, heh.

TL;DR: Don’t rely on sub-surface, boys and girls, it’s a bad habit.


@Michael_Bridges will be impressed


I found the info regarding your trolls nose very interesting @McFuzz … so I zoomed inside his head to have a look around… and experience I can say I have not had before that’s for certain! Lovely set of molars in there :slight_smile:


Hehe that is a brilliant model! Nice one!


Very nice model. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


Just tried this on the Google cardboard, must get myself some sort of controller for navigation