The details...!

Recently I’ve been playing one of my favorite games ever(along with its predecessor Titan Quest) and I’ve been wondering Why I love these games that much!!???

I think that the answer is The Details. WOW killing a skeleton and see its bones flying away and hitting a wall its SO SATISFYING. Not only that, every little action has its feedback visual and/or audible.

Check this out. Your pet is a molten lava creature when it goes over water it sounds like somethig really hot in contact with water!!!(TitanQuest). Those little details make a huge impact!!! Something that you will remember and you will want to enjoy over an over again!!!

I think we need to pay attention to those details in our games in order to deliver unforgettable experiences.

Can you mention your favorite game and share those details that make you love it so much!!???

I’m reading you!!

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Yup. Attention to detail is the opposite of jank. It won’t always be the sort of thing that players notice directly, but they most likely will notice if it’s missing. Sometimes though, it’s the details that the dev doesn’t even intend to create that are the most interesting.

I loved Human Fall Flat. The base game was great, but then I realized that you can cheese the climbing system limitations. With enough practice and effort, you can climb very nearly anything you want to and reach all sorts of places you’re not supposed to be able to go. Equally awesome is the ability to find the occasional ninja solution to the puzzles; to me, there are very few things more satisfying in games than finding “the secret way” of getting past an obstacle =)

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