The BullCow game doesnt compile in the way the lecturer's does

Hi! I am taking unreal engine courses and I finished the game code a few days ago, but at some point it stopped running in the way it should and has after the TMap.
I thought I will be able to check my code and compare it to Ben’s and find the mistake or something I have missed. But it is totally the same, and that confuses me.
Please take a look at it and tell me what I should do with it.

Thank you so much! I will attach the link to download the game from google drive.

In what way does it not run properly? Do you get errors, or does it act differently from how you expect?

Thank you for your reply!
It runs differently from what the Lecturer get.
I attached the picture. I cannot even win the game :frowning: or lose…

bool FBullCowGame::IsLowercase(FString Word) const
	for (auto Letter : Word) 
		if (!islower(Letter)) // if not a lowercase letter
			return false;
	return false;

Do you see any problem with this function?


Thank you for that!
Changed second return to true. saw that, ran without debugging again and there it is:


Hey. So sorry for your time. I totally forgot the winning word was changed to Price from Planet. Haha.
Thank you, that helped a lot!

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