The building escape challange!

the link to the video is :
unfortunately I cannot build into executable due to some bug in Unreal 5 :frowning: The Global shader was not compiling

please tell me how to fix (already tried google it but some people are having this issue with UE4 but I am having it in UE5)

Hi There.
I’m afraid we can’t be sure of what will work with UE5 - it’s still in preview. I personally would recommend steering clear from UE5 for now and use UE4 until such point in time that it is feature complete and nearing release.

Did you try upgrading this project from a UE4 project? I tried this and had serious issues and to solve it I deleted the intermediate and binaries folder first, then tried a build using my editor before launching the uproject. This helped so it is worth a try.

I did just take my UE5 project and was able to build the same project without issues and previously I did have issues so this may solve the problem you are seeing.

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