The boucing character problem solution

I am certain that this has been fixed, but just incase someone is having the same issue and doesn’t want to wait: the issue with the bouncing characters is from the ground check distance on the Third Person Character script. Just increase it a bit and the issue will go away.

Incase anyone was wondering, the ground check distance just measures a certain distance from the bottom of the game object (or maybe the collider, I’m honestly not 100% sure on that). If it does not detect anything below it, it thinks that the character is airborne and activates the jump animation until it detects the ground again. So, on a slope, the ground check can’t detect the ground for a split second, then it can, then it can’t, etc, etc.

This tends to only increase the threshold of when the problem will occur again unfortunately, it needs a little more work to resolve it fully.

There is some additional information here;

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