The boolean in DrawDebugLine() requires "true", not "false" - why?


At the time of writing this thread, I have followed Ben in this video up to when he first runs the game after writing the DrawDebugLine() code. The red line displayed in the video, but it did not display for me - I had to turn the ‘bPersistentLines’ bool to ‘true’, instead of the ‘false’ value Ben had given.

I will be moving forward with the video, and the course, with the bool set to ‘true’ for now, but out of curiosity, why didn’t ‘false’ work like with Ben? Hopefully, my workaround does not create a future problem.

Any answer appreciated. For the record, I’m using Unreal 4.22.3.

Thank you.

Are you sure you were doing it in TickComponent? bPersistentLines isn’t needed to be true because the line is being drawn in the tick.

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