The blueprint (self) is not compatible with Target

When I press play to start game I get error: One or more blueprints has an unresolved compiler error, are you sure you want to Play in editor ?

How to fix this ?

well you don’t have the patrol points array as variable in your blueprint (see on the left) so the compiler doesn’t find it.

I added varible Patrol Points and I still have the same error !!!

screenshot please!

delete the node you’re having an error on and drag&drop the new Patrol Points variable you created into the graph then connect it to GET node.

I have changed it like this and now it’s working.It probably didn’t work because it should now need to be cast to Ue4ASP_Character !!!

Thank you very much !!!

if you are at lecture 236 “Holding a gun with skeletal sockets” though, the fix is not to add a new variable, please watch the video.

Hi, if anyone else is having any problem with that piece of blueprint, at this point is useless because ChooseNextWaypoint.CPP does the job.

Hope you find it helpfull.

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Indeed :slight_smile:

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