The blender file

Hi, I was just wondering where I could find the dragon joined file? thank you.

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Where, what time, in the lectures does it mention this file?
Not aware of any.

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in the 7th minute of the second video of the dragon course

Quite right I am chasing it up.

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Hi Owais,

Thanks Nicholas.

I’ve put a chase on this to get this resolved so hopefully it should be resolved in the next few days.
I would suggest in the meantime having a go at blocking out the dragon as its a good time to practise basic shapes.

Thanks for the heads up


thank you I will do that

regards. to the blender file, I was wondering if there was a better file that I could use, as this one doesn’t remesh well when joined no matter how thick the body is. Thank you.

Most unlikely as it will be the one Grant used.
I suggest playing with the remesh size until it works out ok.

I will do that though there is an error when you join all the blocks together and turn on face orientation

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