The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 7)

I am happy to present the theme this week and the theme is __ FOOD __
it can be anything edible or drinkable
from a simple chocolate bar to a photorealistic grilled chicken
:chocolate_bar: —> :poultry_leg:

Have Fun! :smile:


Well here we go…
I subdivided a plane and set proportional editing to random.
and here is the result!!!

A slab of Bacon!!

I forgot some cultures don’t eat pork… I apologize…

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French food :smile:

and it’s the wine product by my vineyard (just a small part come from my wineyard).

First time i use Cloth modifier. It’s a long process but very usefull.


Today’s meal is a hamburger with a cola side
buon appetito


yummi you guys are fast :smiley:

You should slow down the format, instead of week, do monthly. Just my suggestion…

@GamedevCala yeah i thought of that :joy:
@Kimset i think we may do this but that depends on the subject

Here’s my entry: whipped it up in about 1.5 hours :smiley:

Simple low poly, doing smooth shading made it weird.


I like this “Weekly Themed Gallery”! So ‘Gouda’ this time.


Going to try and shoot for photo real with volumetric lights by the end of the challenge…dunno if i can pull it off but will give it a go …


It’s all about learning some new things and extending on known technics to get something done in roughly 1-2 good sessions (e.g. saturday/sunday) and share with your peers.

Having a monthly format is more like a competition to build the best render you ever made and doesn’t add to the lean method / quick iteration theme of this blender course :slight_smile:

Important fact about the weekly challenge: you don’t have to finish everything or feel forced to participate every week - this is for fun and quick self improvement purpose

:+1: Fail Faster - there is no instant win :+1:
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and here is a fresh plate of french fries :fries: with some salt and ketchup (After 9:32 hours of cooking :wink:)

The hardest thing was to create the fries material


Nice one Abdullah! Great work by everyone as usual :slight_smile: This weekly themed thread is awesome…Any hints tips suggestions on what i can or should do to this to get it as close to photo real as possible? Hard stuff…but thats what this thread is about right expanding your skills and challenging yourself :slight_smile: I agree with Gamedevcala i think keeping this weekly works really well … we could always start a monthly version as well for people that want to take a little more time with it all ? maybe a monthly contest for best render…what does everyone think? another good way to add some challenge and push ourselves forwards…


Please let the weekend be full of cookies and nacho chips! (this weeks entry preview)


Woah… @GamedevCala

Inspired by @AbdullahAbdin bowl of ketchup, I added mustard to the scene. Which I found difficult. I used SCULPT mode to achieve this. But I discovered, that I need to learn much more about this tool. I also added some mustard seeds with particles.

Finally I discovered that my block of cheese was about 1.5 million vertices. Why I do not know. I used 8 modifiers on a basic cube. Boolean subtractions, twist, bend, bevel, etc. But I had fun! And now I need to work and make some money …


Nice, i made the ketchup in sculpt mode too i used the default brush then the grab one :slight_smile:

i think you should use an HDR image to light the scene it gives nice results and of course try volumetric lightning it is awesome and i think maybe you could add some dust or something like that to table material because in real life i don’t think it can be clean that much :smile:

Wow, very good job as usual!
If you aiming for realism there is a few things that are a little off in my opinion.
First the lighting, you could use the windows for some exterior lighting incoming (maybe with some volumetric) would create a nice reflection if you used a picture outside too, or maybe some light source coming from the top of the table.
The cutlery feels a little weird (specially the fork), the knife handle appears to need smoothing.
One last thing, the table, is very reflexive what material is it made of?

There is a cool small test useful for these situations, usually 1 object can mess with the realism of your whole scene as we tend to focus on what is off or weird. Hide a few objects at the time (with finger or digitally) and see how the scene feels.Try hiding the cutlery.
One thing it would be nice in this scene is a napkin, maybe beneath or above the cutlery.

But the scene is very good man, fells nice and clean. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] maybe some bread crumbs on the plate!

Weekend - Nacho and Cookie time! But be prepared…

I hijacked the theme this week to learn more about Unreal Engine 4 sequencer.
But the cookies and nachos were made in Blender :wink:

:+1: Fail Faster - there is no instant win :+1:
Twitter: @GamedevCala - Blog: - Twitch: GamedevCala


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