The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 3)

Following last week’s sword, the third week theme is :

Organics!! (This could go from animals, to humanoids and even fiction like creatures)

I wanted to go a little different from the last 2 weeks and i think organic is a good way to go!

This could be from high res animals to very low poly ones ( like minecraft ), there is no entry barrier, just try to have fun :slight_smile:

Really excited to see this :))


This isn’t as easy as I thought at first. Because the theme is so broad, I can’t think of a good idea.
Having a narrowed subject makes it easier to “just do it” and get something done ^^;


It is tough, especially to design an original character and make it both look pleasing and geometrically sensible, doubly especially when the topic is “Make something, as long as it’s organic” hehe. Though I’ve created quite a few characters and bodies so I’ll stick to humanoids, but I think I might try to go beyond my usual comfort zone with some rigging and textures.

Using references is more important than ever; don’t underestimate the value of a good side reference. Just google characters and you’ll have an idea soon enough :smiley:

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I can’t wait to see what everyone will come up with! It’s really a “do whatever you want” theme this week :sunglasses:

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Only started doing Blender sculpting this weeks, so something simple in honor of my AD&D days. :wink:


A wild slime (minecraft) found a human taking a picture of him :wink:

i have a problem that when i save a picture the colors are slightly different than what i see in blender before saving , the first picture is what i saved and the second is a screenshot from blender

of course i want that what i save to appear like blender its better :slight_smile:


Great slime @AbdullahAbdin ! :+1:

The difference in color is probably caused by compression when you save a render as image. If I remember correctly, when you choose to save on the left side are the options like the format and compression rate. By default there is a 15% compression, so maybe that’s what’s causing the slight color difference…

Here is my entry for this week!

I guess a tree is as organic as can be! No sketchfab this time, it really isn’t that good looking up close and there’s too much procedural materials that doesn’t display well…


This was a tough one this week, but the hardest part has been convincing myself to actually work on something without giving up.

Behold, the low poly trucker, in his natural environment. Picked up a few low poly tricks so decided to make a couple models with it, whilst I work on textures and rigging.


Looking up ‘Organics’ for references, I mostly get food pictures.
Sounds weird to me. Are people referring to “metallics” when they talk about their cars, bikes, airplanes? :wink:

(not a native English speaker)

i ‘think’ that organic means something that is maybe a living thing? not a metal or a hard surface or like that. @GamedevCala

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Thanks @AltDemon

i tried to save with different compressions and different formats (png , jpeg) and the colors are the same (different than blender) maybe it has to do something with color profiles or RGB sRGB and these things? (also i think that my monitor isn’t calibrated probably but i think that doesnt make a difference because if i see an image with slightly wrong colors it must be the same wrong colors on the same monitor?)

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

These are all great! some simple but awesome others complex and awesome…they all rock…great job everyone!

Yes, i know it’s a broad subject, but i wanted to choose something different from the other 2 weeks, and i could have chosen like: Animals, Humanoids, and other more specific things. But i think a lot of people have difficulties doing organic modelling, so i choose to let the artist decide what kind they prefer for this week.

Btw, about the nomenclature, modelling is usually divided into 2 major areas, Organic Modelling and Hard Surface Modelling (instead of metallics).

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Meet Mr friendly


In RL miniature sculpting we tend to say organic and hard edged/mechanical sculpts. And use different epoxy putties and techniques for each.

Living or natural. Opposite that is man-made. The distinction is usually made looking at the result but in fact if it comes to making the models there is a similar distinction as well. Organic sculpts is easiest done using sculpting programs like z-brush while mechanical sculpts are often easier done using CAD based programs. Also in RL sculpting you find that the techniques and workflow differ quite a bit.

Note, sometimes you may find that mechanical techniques get used for organic results (sharp jagged rocks) or the other way around (human shaped robots), so there is a bit of mixing. :smiley:

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Fortunately, Blender has a pretty good sculpting tool which is great for organic shapes, as @rszarka has demonstrated with his friendly face! But I think that in the course we only touch it during the fluffy bunny section.

Yup, busy doing that section just now. It works pretty well. I wished there was a refine and reduce brush like in Meshmixer though. I am missing those.

Oh, cool. Just found these sculpt tools addons.

Minguua, Michael does not mention this until section 7 I think… If you add first a subsurface modifier then a multi resolution modifier with as many levels as your comp can handle the sculpting is soo much easier ? careful if you subdivide it too much your computer will lock up! I believe 8 is the max for most computers …mine locks up after just 5…so bear that in mind…I usually save before adding that mod just in case… The higher poly the mesh the better the sculpting tool works…you will notice a big difference if you have not tried it before :slight_smile: although be careful with adding more tris to the rabbit scene as it ends up being a very heavy scene in the end without a super high poly rabbit …probably why Michael doesn’t mention it yet at that point …seems like you like the sculpting so just mentioning it so you can give it a go… That goofy face I made took just five mins of messing around…I wanted to get something up this week so threw it together real quick…without the high poly base mesh it would have taken much more work and messing around to get a similar result…

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