The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 24)

Hi guys!

I’m going to try and pick one that everybody can get involved with, so here goes:

:sparkles:Something glowy or shiny! :rotating_light:

You see a lot of desktop images that just look like something anyone could knock up in Blender with 15 minutes and a lighting effect! So I issue everyone the challenge to make something with some nice lighting effects. Though we covered this a bit in the course, you can look up how to create a fluorescent effect on the Youtubes!

Good luck everyone!


Well I had an idea of what I was going to do, but probably overshot, so I just picked something a lot easier. This may not be my final submission for the week, but definitely my first attempt.

This is based on today’s Google Animatic~

I was going to go to more detail and even have the flag sway in an animation and upload it to Sketchfab, but after it started to come out worse than I expected, I figured I’d take it as a loss and upload here as is.


My submission for this week : ocean (another time :slight_smile: ) with a south cardinal buoy.


My submission for this week: Glowing Cat Eyes. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t have attempted a cat head until after the bunny section. :smile:


The only thing I could think of when you said glowy was a lightsaber, so after some youtube tutorials here we go :slight_smile:


Excellent. A very good job.

tried to go all crimbo with a couple of low poly pressies and xmas lights.

started out ok with the pressie boxes.
tried to make light bulbs with a glass outer and an emission inside, cant quite get the glass right.
went for a curve, make a mesh from it and applied the light group as a hair particle system.

a major thing to sort is the noise, but dont have time to learn that much before the end of the weekend :slight_smile:


How many samples do you use ?

256 on that one. Im going to go back and play around with light bounces etc to see. I even tried a despeckle in the compositor just to see.

Mind you, i am on a low end workhorse work laptop so i cant expect miracles :slight_smile:

Send me your blender file, i’ll render it for you

Hey guys! Some very pretty glow in the darks today! It’s great to see everyone joining in on creating art!

So with a large 8 likes, @Rivaldragon had the winning submission for this week’s theme. Really cool lightsaber!

Please create a new thread for this week’s topic, @Rivaldragon!


Hey everyone, thank you for all the votes! Some really amazing stuff made by everyone this week :slight_smile:
Will be fun to see what everyone will make during this next week!

Cheers for the offer, but I’ll try on my sons gaming pc when i get home at end of week :slight_smile:
It’s been more of a personal push to try something new to add, rather than look for perfection in the output.

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