The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 18)

It took me by surprise when i figured out that I am the one to pick this week’s theme.
So, the theme is Houses
You can make anything related to houses, from pieces of furniture to a full house.
And as always, be creative. :+1:


Great job! :jack_o_lantern:

Not sure I will have time to make anything new this week, but may submit something else I been working on for another class.

Not really sure how I ended up with a dresser with a crack in it but I think it’s a bit fun looking



Here’s one I prepared earlier, modelled based on actual measurements from my bathroom


This is my replication of a historic building in Westminster, Colorado, The Bowles House.
It is a work in progress. I have only just started on the materials for the house and hope to eventually add landscape which will include a gazebo, arched trellis and flagstone path.


Cracking work again everyone, enjoy looking through them.

Sorry I havent been around for a few weeks, still away at work and dont have access to put anything together :frowning:

Hey guys! Congratulations on the submissions. Well done to everyone; had a lot of likes being thrown around this time for some really spectacular models!

Ultimately, the submission that earned the most likes was @Brandon_H with his spectacular Christmas themed home. Well done, @Brandon_H can you create a new thread with your idea for this week’s topic?


Awesome job everyone. Great blends this week. Thank you to all for the likes. The next challenge is up The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 19)
Can’t wait to see the models this challenge presents to us.

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