The Blender Collab: Weekly Themed Gallery (Final Entries due Sunday December 17) Superheroes

It’s time for a challenge, create an image about your favorite superhero.


Yay! Love this!

i dont really have time to work on this but i really liked the concept and decided to make something simple. Maybe i’ll work more on it in the future :smiley:


Very cool :wink:

Here is my submission: The Bat Signal


By tradition evil super hero - diablo :sweat_smile:

mouse post effect)) and d3 art background

and overpaint variant


Wow, awesome!

Found some time for a second entry, i like this one better .


Where is it from?)

it’s from the the incredibles :smiley:

I like Infernos :smiley: :

Does anybody know a way, how i could easily put a emission material into only the cravices?


Wow, thats awesome

Thanks, this is my second model i sculpted :slight_smile:
I really like sculpting now :smiley: :smiley:

That looks awesome!

I am not sure how easy it would be but I suppose you could create a control texture with the crevises on white and other on black and then use that control texture to control the factor in mix shader that has the emission coming as one node.

It might be possible to procedurally generate that from the diffuse texture as well with some sort of texture manipulation but that depends a bit how your diffuse is set up.

I am not sure if this helped at all, but I wanted to chip in :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jax

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Thanks Jax :slight_smile:
I also had the control-texture way in mind, but haven’t been 100% sure about how to realize it :smiley:
I will try to figure it out :muscle: :smiley:

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I found two ways to get the result i wanted :slight_smile:

1st. : Create a Vertex Paint Map, and plug it in the mix node factor, as Jax suggested.

2nd. : Use the pointiness of the geometry node and plug it into a color ramp, switch black and white colors and move them close together around a value of 0.5 . Then use this as the factor of the mix node.


Midoriya Izuku, from Boku no hero academia. Love this guy :rofl:

I don’t have enought time to add the rest of the body, but here he is:

Edit: Added the freckles


Golem will look steeper with more random lines, or directly from reference)

I do not know if you will be textured or not, but if you paint a simple gradient with a layer, then it’s better to be, here what I mean)

Grew up a bit)


Time to vote:

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