The Blender Collab: Weekly Theme Gallery (Week 21: 2017) : Superhero Universe

So for this week’s theme I’m thinking The Superhero Universe. You might ask: “what’s that?”, “what does she mean?” “i need more details”.
No worries I got it all covered =D. So what i mean by Superhero Universe is everything that is related to Superheroes, all the fancy stuff that are in movies and comics, like:

-The Superhero (of course)
-The Sidekick
-The Villan (as someone has to challenge our beloved Superhero)
-The Superhero lover (I think in most Superhero Universes there’s some kind of love story going on).

So what i want you to do is to choose one or all ( who am i to judge) and let your imagination loose and use whatever style you feel most comfortable with.
I think it’s challenging but I hope to see some great results. And don’t forget to have a short description for whichever you choose to make.

P.S: A superhero can be anything, no limits there

Good luck everyone =D


Great theme!! Sadly I don’t have enough time this week :frowning:
I’m curious what will come up from everyone!

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did it


This is a sponsored HERO-rental advertisement special.

You can hire any HERO you need. Now at 10% off.
You think of it, we’ve got it and no limit here!
Our special attention goes to the employee of the month.
Especially for the delivery of this mail.
Hard work, perseverance and above all, lots and lots of details.

The Blender Collab

When I saw this challenge, I thought I can re-use some other projects. Like the employee of the month figure. Currently I didn’t have a figure body, so I used it as a statue. But what then… So why a statue, then I had a craative moment with the HERO-Rental.
Every HERO for hire.

So I designed a HERO-rental logo. Then rotated the ‘O’, to look like a mask. Then I thought to put in some eyes, of one of those lessons, in the logo. I Enhanced the figure, with a mask and cap. Which is a simple process.

So, I have lots and lots of other ideas but I don’t wanna spend more time on this. It very labor intensive. I reused a lot of stuff, created in all those lessons. For example, logo red, is the shiny plastic Michael showed us to make.


what a cool superhero that delivers mail! :grin:
What a great idea

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@Kolupsy_Creative that looks awesome, i do have one question tho: is it a hero or a villain? xD
@FedPete well you thought of something i didn’t, great job :slight_smile:

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Villain of course :wink:


I think I call him Dràgh

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@Kolupsy_Creative sounds interesting :slight_smile: what does it mean?

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Noting. :grin:
I just wanted an evil sounding name with a French accent in it.


Hi everyone,

It was a coincidence that just this week I finished modeling the superhero Captain Qwark. I made this superhero by a tutorial of Darrin Lile. This tutorial is not on Udemy, you can find the tutorial series here. Doing tutorials and courses helped me a lot to improve my Blender skills over the last couple of months.

I heard about this weekly challenge after @Mihaela_Emilia told me about it, she asked me to share my renders here.

It’s not completely finished yet, the character still need some work here and there. But I would love to hear al your great feedback and comments.

Kind regards, Bram :smiley:


Still tweaking … currently building an simple animation.


Really great work here this week! You guys rock…brilliant!


This is my video clip. It was simple to make, but it cost a lot of render time. I need to improve my skills in this and do more preparation. First 250 frames was too much for this demo. 120 was more the enough. I cranked up the samples, but now I see two fireflies (always on the same spot, which I find strange),
The spots on the floor are reflective, but It did gave the required effect. And of course I had had a lot of other ideas, but time, time time… :wink:

The lamp is my version of the animated lamp section. I also could imported the lamp animation, but importing the lamp gave me a lot of other problems to solve.
I added the lamp to add more content to the scene. Then added the lamp wire, in an attempt to fill the scene even more.

I’m not really satisfied with the results, but I wanted to finish this project.


Render time for 250 frames, more then 16 hours … In which I could not do other projects.
44,143 Verts
42,290 faces
83,830 Tris
61 Objects
lamps 3

(This image is a WEBM video, click to show video.)

Note: I created the video by importing the stills into Blender video and render it as a video (animated lamp section). But importing this video in Premiere didn’t work at all. “Unknown video format”. I tried several combinations in Blender. But no succesful import in Premiere.


Great modeling and effects, Everyone!


Daaaaaamn I’m away for almost 2 days and come back to all of this xD it’s great.

@Kolupsy_Creative i did figure you just wanted a cool sounding name but i just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

@Bram_van_Vliet I’m so glad you joined ^^ when i saw your superhero i was too like what a coincidence on the same week i got to choose the theme for the challenge. Can’t wait to see it finished :slight_smile:

@FedPete i understand all about that render time, i’m currently still rendering a few frames for like a bit over a second, i think in total it took like more than 3 hours, it’s not even something complicated but oh well gotta have patience with this potato of a laptop that i have xD


Built a quick fighting scene where Dràgh shoots water :sweat_smile:
against the unknown hero (an Icosphere). No time…


Hi guys. Well done on the weekly.

As a little side note, if you post multiple pictures for that week, please indicate which one you want as the submission for that week, else I will just choose what I think is the most applicable one.

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With 57% of the votes (of 7), @Kolupsy_Creative wins with 4 votes.

@Kolupsy_Creative, could you create a new thread with your topic for this week?


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