The Blender Collab: Week 26 "What makes a Clown laugh?" CLOSED

:rofl: :cloud: :duck: :racehorse: :cloud: :cloud: If I don’t come up with anything else this week, this is what I got: clown condoms! This reference photo is a real thing, btw, I found it on Flickr.


I took a course on substance to get better this week, 2,5 hours to go before completion! Once I’ll be done with that I’ll try to make some texture and share my progression too!

Hi Fed Pete, what did you use to make the prank store letters on blender?

Working on this mini golf clown from a certain 90s movie.

Something has come up with work this week, though, so I may not be able to finish the scene on time, but I’ll at least submit my work in progress.


I came across the Robin Williams quote “The clown makes everyone laugh, but who makes the clown laugh?”, and this prompted me to think about this theme in the context of mental health. I haven’t modelled in a few weeks but had a go at this:


Shopping for a new (second hand) prank.


It’s a mask to the world.


It’s like a painting, a piece of art. It has some resemblance with something …
And I like the idea of a mask.

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“Here! Have a laugh on me.”
~ The Joker


Very interesting artwork, it might be a little off topic, but for a depressed clown, it’s really well done! And the idea of the mask is very meaningfull, great work again!


Here’s my soumission for this week contest, It was my first export to substance for painting, I had to rush it due to the deadline, but for a first projet, I’m pretty happy with the way it went.


@FedPete I really love the prank store like love it! I’m working on the animated lamp section and I wanted to do something similar to this but as a pawn shop just wondered about a few things

  1. How did you do the prank store writing is it modeled as mesh?

  2. Is the building windows and door all one object or did you make individual models and then add them after

  3. In the window behind the front objects is that modeled aswell or is it an image?

Lastly. How did you get the glass in the window that clear?

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Great Actor Boniface can make laugh anybody!

Here is the reference


Hahaha! He’s laughin! He’s havin’ a good time! Good for you. Yeah laugh it up. Enjoy your night! Hahaha!


I use the Blender Text ‘a’ object. The default object is 2D, but it has properties to extrude (make 3D) and a property to add bevel edges (rounded corners). You can select your own funny font. 5 min work.
I added a copy of this text object for the purple (inside / front) part. The rest is metallic color range.

No! I used a box as the main shop front. And multiple smaller boxes to do a boolean cut. These cut boxes (as boolean) can be used to cut out window holes. And it gave me the possibility to easily repositioning the holes (and sizes) for composition purposes.
Copies of these cutout boxes, I used for the window frame, door frame, and door. The sizes are correct. Just some mesh basic editing to make the frames/door.
I kept all objects in several collections, to switch them on and off. Or for an easy selection to move things around. For complex projects, use good naming conventions, use collections, apply scales!!! Link objects internally.

I was looking for reference material and found this illustration. It solved my problem of filling the shop window. But then I decided to use it also as shop front. My entry isn’t finished but the time is up!. I need more time to improve texturing, because -as usual- everything is to ‘3D clean’. Like the road and pavement. Also, the lighting is problematic. And other stuff. I think to complete this project, its a month of work.

… secrets :wink: … No everything was built around an HDRI 360 street image (for lighting and reflection). But the reflection was not to be seen in eevee end renders. Later I remembered I needed to bake lighting and refraction for better Eevee results (no time).
So there is no glass in the main shop window. I removed it. It’s still at the door. But not noticeable (transparency 1, no roughness). But my original goal was to reflect street surroundings.


At first I thought the subject was too difficult.
But as I see the wide diversity of entries, I think it was a good subject. A bit out of the normal.
And personally I think people have grown in their way of thinking.

I created two polls this time. Because I have always problems selecting one. One side it’s a well-performed Blender project. On the other side, what a nice outcome. So think about how you spend your vote! You can vote on the same entry twice, in poll 1 and 2.

The winner of poll 1 hosts the next week!

POLL 1 - Best general entry based on Blender (low/high poly, techniques, lighting, …)
POLL 2 - Best visual, story-wise “What makes a clown laugh?”

POLL 1 - Best general entry based on Blender (low/high poly, techniques, lighting, …)

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POLL 2 - Best visual / story

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Great entries everybody, as always! Good idea to make 2 polls


Too late now to submit for the challenge, but I thought you guys would like to see the evolution of this one, just for fun.

Do you guys recognize the movie it’s from? It’s pretty famous–though old–in the US, but we’ve got a nicely diverse group of people in this group, and I’m not sure if it’s well-known in other countries.

(Sound effects from


No!, but it’s funny movie and it shows exactly why I hate this game (so now and then :wink: ) …
Once I build a mini golf course in my house, for the family.

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That sounds like fun! Good quarantine activity :laughing:

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