The best I have done so far


This is wonderful! Great camera angle - excellent perspective. Really nice colors and lighting. Those clouds somehow look soft and puffy even though they are low poly. And I like the composition a lot. It almost seems as if the t-rex is commanding the bugs! “Go forth my little scouts - find me food!!!” Really great updates you made to your original.


thank you! Your critique on my last post encouraged me to spend more time with position and lighting. Much appreciated!


Really nice lighting! Some great colours and detail in the shadows. The only suggestion I have is to get rid of the sun, as it doesn’t match the lighting. The sun is facing the dinosaur, but the shadows and lighting show that the light is behind the dinosaur.

It feels like you’re telling a story – is the dinosaur on a journey to the mountain, stopping to admire the view, or even looking up at some distant thunder?..

Great follow-up to your lighthouse render and well done for taking the time to make changes after mfortunato’s feedback. Looking forward to your next render! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It is supposed to be a moon, but I totally see what you’re saying. I’ll try and make it more distinct or maybe just get rid it. I really appreciate it!

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