"The Batcave" & "Deadly Skies"

Ok, so after completing this part of the course I did A LOT of playing around, testing, creating and following other shorter tutorials on specific topics that I wanted to achieve.

I then created two scenes, “The Batcave” and “Deadly Skies” using some of the other skills I learnt. I am very happy with the outcome so far and am now continuing with the course to learn more…especially materials and shading. I also need more practice with modeling as there are many errors with my models still.

Enjoy and let me know any thoughts you have.


Looking superb.

How did you create the prop illusion of movement?


Nice work. Maybe in the future divide subjects in different topics (bat cave vs spitfire).
So we can evaluate them differently.

Good projects (both)!


That was tricky…apparently you should animate it and use motion blur. I havent learnt to animate yet so all I did was duplicate the prop 4 times rotating them slighty so they have a 50% overlap over the original prop. Then i made each one with a transparent value so they are see through. Worked well enough for this and is was really quick to do.


Thank you for the feedback!

Will seperate them in future for sure.

Wow, love these. Especially the Bat Cave and its menacing feeling. Good work :tada:

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Nice work! Really like the display screens and lighting effects. Gives everything a sense of scale!

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