The ball slows down after collisions

In block breaker game why this ball movement becomes slow after few seconds . and why always next scene is loaded after destroy half of the breakable blocks (not all breakable ball) please solve my problem. i have no idea about this

I have same problem…
Ball becomes slow after collision with blocks…
Any Ideas?


Do you have a PhysicMaterial2D on the Ball’s CircleCollider2D component?

Hi Rob,

I have CircleCollider2D with Material “Bounce” (Friction = 0.4, Bounciness = 1).
But after 3-4 Collisions with Blocks or Walls speed can be very low (ball velocity Y = 3 or less).

Hi Сергей,

Ok, so the Physic Material 2D is using a value for friction, so each time there is a collision the ball is going to slow down.

Try changing the Friction value to 0 (zero).

Also, if you check the Rigidbody2D component on the Ball, do you have any values set for Linerar Drag or Angular Drag? Note, the latter may not matter if you are not actually rotating the ball.

See also;

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Rob, thank you very much!
I made Friction = 0 and it’s working now!

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You’re very welcome and I’m glad you can move forward again :slight_smile:

Hi @Sunil_Pargi,

Please see my reply above to @modcom regarding the slowing down of the ball.

and why always next scene is loaded after destroy half of the breakable blocks (not all breakable ball)

This is a little more challenging to diagnose without seeing the project, but I would suspect that you have blocks in the scene which are not correctly tagged. As such, the breakable block count is less than the number of blocks you can see in the scene. When the number of breakable blocks is reduced to zero, the next level is loaded.

To confirm/diagnose, I would suggest looking at your first scene where the problem occurs. Starting at the top of the Hierarchy, use the arrow keys to step through each block one at a time and review the information within the Inspector. If you notice the tag is not correct, and assuming you are using prefabs, then check the prefab and see if the tag hasn’t been specified there. If it hasn’t, add it to the prefab, then return to your Hierarchy and check that the blocks have been updated.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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